Preparing Our Heart and Mind for Lent 2014

Journeying with Christ to the cross
Journeying with Christ to the cross

Ah yes, the second biggest “event” of the church calendar is fast approaching. Lent (for non-Orthodox) begins next week on Ash Wednesday March 5th and ends Thursday April 17th, the day before Good Friday.

I wish I could say the Easter season was about decorated eggs, fake chocolate, baked hams and turkey, but it’s not (but they are certainly fun and d’lish).

Lent is a time for believers only. It is a time to identify with Christ in his sacrifice and resurrection. We have it easy, we are only asked to abstain from certain hindrances and luxuries for 40 days and even then it becomes too much of a hassle for some Christians.

I don’t believe that Lent should be something dreadful or feel as if it is punishment. Lent isn’t meant to move us towards guilt feelings. Lent is a time to grow closer to God in remembering the sacrifice of His Son, the living sacrifice, Jesus. 

Lent 4

I wish to encourage you, especially those who are not participants in mainline denominations, to take some time to prepare for Lent by opening your mind and heart to seeking where God wants to lead you during this time.

Have you had any nagging feelings about certain areas of your life?

  • Eating habits, lack of exercise, serving others, decreasing how much you volunteer/work, etc.

Is there a Spiritual Discipline that you feel you have neglected or are interested in practicing?

  • Prayer, various styles of prayer, consistently reading the bible, church attendance, meditation, etc.

What about habits? Are there any habits that are getting in your way of having meaningful one-on-one time with God?

  • Poor time management, too much socializing, spending too much time on social media, the time you go to sleep and wake up, bitterness, anger, etc.

Whatever it is that might be affecting your walk, I can assure you God will reveal it to you. Because we have a graceful, merciful, and loving God, He doesn’t blast our sinfulfulness and spiritual slackness in our face. When God’s children get off track, we may not consciously notice it for quite some time, but God’s Holy Spirit is always alerting us. God doesn’t allow us to sin or become distant without providing us with signs and the nudging of the Spirit. The decision to pay attention and respond always rests with us. Our love for God and our desire to follow His ways are entirely left up to us to choose. God loves nothing more than to see His precious creation choose to have a heartfelt relationship with Him.

Throughout Lent and up to Easter Monday, I will have daily Lenten blog posts, however, I won’t be placing it on the main pages of this blog, beginning March 1st there will be a link provided for those who would like to engage in these short readings and reflections. I will only be posting my regular reflections and One Word 2014 articles on this main blog.

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  1. You’re welcome! I have to clarify, I referred to Easter as the “second biggest event”, but in the eyes of the church and believers it is the most important season. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. This is the most important season, given the significance of Easter. Thank you for this thoughtful and gentle reminder of its true meaning.

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