The Blessing of: Looking In The Mirror


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The Blessing of Looking in the Mirror

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O.K. confession time! I do my best to make fitness and weight loss about being healthy, but every once in a while day I look in the mirror and think, arrgghh, I want to look like Mrs. Bonnie Pfeister. She has the same body type as I do and the main difference between her and I is that she is unbelievably well toned and fit. I am flabby and fat!

When working on one’s health and fitness it is in our best interest not to get lost in the head game of comparison. It’s been a work in progress to look in the mirror and not want to scream in frustration, but my rational thinking self knows that healthy progress is slow and lasting change can only be made one day at a time.  Even when I hit my weight loss goal of losing 105 pounds I still may not be a small as Bonnie Pfeister. If this happens would that mean that I had failed?

The negatives of comparison:

  • -You lose focus on the gifts and talents that God has given to you for HIS purpose in YOUR life
  • -You measure your success based on someone else’s success
  • -If unchecked, it can lead to jealousy, envy, revenge, vindictiveness, malicious acts, depression, and stress
  • -God stop’s being your guide and becomes replaced by the person(s) you are trying to emulate
  • -We slowly stop knowing who we are as an individual
  • -It can lead to self-hatred


Imagine what it would be like to be on your death bed thinking about how you didn’t succeed at being like so-and-so. What a way to spend your last days on earth. When I focus on my own health journey and avoid comparing myself to an awesome personal trainer, I am then able to enjoy each milestone that I reach and with each passing week I can focus on the fact that I am succeeding at improving my health. Focusing on my own personal health is much more rewarding that measuring how much closer I am to looking like a personal trainer that I admire.

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When we stop comparing our self to others we can then look at the person we are trying to be like and see them for the gifts that God has given to them instead of seeing their talent with eyes of frustration and desperation. Think inspiration, not imitation!  I’m not a hater, that has never been one of my sin areas, thank goodness; however, being caught up in comparison is as sinful as being a hater. Being a hater and being lost in comparison are both signals that you are more focused on what others have rather that what you’ve been given by God. Work with what God has given you, the struggles and efforts are worth it! God doesn’t have a comparison chart and neither should we.

Source: PenfoldArtGallery on Etsy
Source: PenfoldArtGallery on Etsy



What role has comparison played in your life? Is there an area in your life that is vulnerable to comparison?


If you have any areas in your life where you fall prey to comparison pray and ask God to help you see that you are good enough and have no need to compare yourself to others. Ask God to reveal His purpose for the gifts he has given you. Give thanks for the talents and skills you have developed over your lifetime.

-Make a list of things you believe you are good at and things that you have been gifted with. Post the list somewhere visible and for the rest of the week when you look at the list stop and give God praise!

During this third week of Lent, may God continue to give you strength and protection as you draw closer to Him in prayer, fasting and almsgiving! May His holy spirit continue to open your eyes, hearts and hands during this most holy season.