Post Easter and Lent Reflections

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Post Lent and Post Easter Resurrection Reflections

For myself, Easter Sunday is not the end of this holiday season. By Easter Monday I still have some unfinished business; mainly that of reflecting on the overall Lenten season and what I have learned. Monday, being a holiday, is usually the best time for me to do so. Here is what I have learned over this past Lent and Easter.

The goal of Lent is never perfection! Thank God for that, literally.

My main focus this year was on mindfulness, it may not have started out this way, but over the 40 days I became more focused on this process of being mindfully present in my life. Fear and anxiety are my best friends and I’ve learned that I cannot allow them to have such an active presence in my life. Learning to trust in God removes the stronghold that anxiety and irrational fears have over my life.

Did I fail at various times to remain mindful, yes I did! But it wasn’t the end of the world, I simply picked myself up and carried on. Perfection is never the goal. Thank you Lord for your never ending grace, love, and understanding each time we fail.

The same scriptures and stories you have read hundreds of times will have a different meaning for you each time you read it.

The Easter story hasn’t changed since the bible was compiled. We listen to the same story each year, yet, during the Lenten season the same scriptures have a completely different meaning and purpose in my life. I attribute this to the power of the Holy Spirit. If we allow ourselves to be open to what God’s spirit has to say to us, we will never become tired of hearing the story of Jesus’ life and teachings. God’s word has the power to continuously transform us through the gifts of His Spirit and the bible of which we are beyond blessed to be able to have access to; unlike so many people in the rest of the world.

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I no longer have to weep, I have found who I am looking for.

Jesus said to Mary Magdalene, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?” John 20:15

Jesus said to her, “Mary!” She turned and said to him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni!” (which means Teacher). John 20:16

I, along with Mary Magdalene, no longer have to weep, we have found what we are looking for. We have found our Rabbouni! God sent Jesus to be a living example and sacrifice in order to set the record straight. The message is clear, but difficult to believe, accept, live, and process. God’s message through Jesus Christ involves this: I (God) am love. My love is here to redeem you, cherish you, transform you, challenge you, discipline you, and comfort you. Despite the internal struggle I have between our human nature and the spiritual nature, I am able to rejoice knowing that Christ has shown us, as a living sacrifice, that one can overcome spiritual death, but first I must be willing to carry my cross, experience the pain that leads to freedom and only then can I overcome and rise from being spiritually dead.

When I don’t recognize the voice of Jesus, he knows to call me by name and I will answer “Teacher!.” Whatever he has to say next are lessons and instructions that will be worthy of moving from weeping to rejoicing.

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The process doesn’t end for me on holiday Monday. Yes, Jesus is risen, but it’s Monday, and not a special Monday. It’s a Monday like any other because now we must return to work. We return to the work of growing in our relationship with God. He had to the power to raise His Son from the dead and overcome death; He has the power to do the same for us. Through His continual forgiveness, power, mercy, grace and love we too are afforded the same resurrection story as Christ. We no longer have to weep at an empty grave, and a missing saviour, we can now recognize the voice of Christ calling our name and rejoice! We can overcome spiritual death! Amen and thank you Father.