Seasons Change and So Can We!


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Seasons Change and So Can We! YES!

I’m sad to acknowledge or accept this, but fall will be here in 3 weeks. It’s been hot and dry, but that doesn’t stop the fact that soon we’ll be complaining about the strong winds and flakes of snow/rain falling from the sky.

I treasure being outdoors during the spring and summer, because the outdoors and our expansive river valley becomes my training ground. Exercising outdoors has been shown to be more strenuous on the body (in a good way) and uses different muscles (e.g. going downhill, varying terrains). Unless you are living in a city where winter weather doesn’t get below, let’s say -5, then it’s time to get ready for change.

Commit decisions

Sometimes we make a goal and stick to it. We are committed and do all that we set out to do, but somehow along the way, despite giving it our all, we are not happy with the routine we have chosen. We are often made to feel bad when we desire change, but I firmly believe that change is perfectly alright when it comes to fitness. Fitness should result in feeling great about our health and accomplishments. If you’ve given it your all and you now desire something different, go right ahead and make some changes. I always say, ‘If seasons change, why can’t we do the same?’

Take some time this month to evaluate your fitness habits. What did you like/dislike: Why? Do you believe changes need to be made? If so, what are those changes going to be? Were you happy with your physical results? Yes/No; ask yourself why and again, if change is necessary, what will it be?


My knee is still giving me problems and I never did meet my weight loss and race goals for this spring and summer. I was not able to participate in any 10km races or tackle the “stairs of death” in my city. I was forced to make changes, but I knew that I would not commit to regular indoor workouts. I wanted to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, so I made due with short distances outside and everything else was done at home where the sun was still able to shine through. I have no regrets about not committing to the cement walls of my gym. It’s a great gym, but there are no windows in the cardio and strength training rooms.

We often associate change with bad things and this leads to struggling against change, but when it comes to fitness, change is a good thing. Have fun, be creative and watch change become a healthy part of your goals. God never changes, but He actively engages in changing what He has created. He changes people, circumstances, seasons, and a whole list of other things we are not aware of.

If it’s time for a change  below is a prayer by Rachel Wojo to help you along the way. My prayer for you is that change will bring about a renewed commitment to your health and great results! prayer change