Home Is My Favourite Place To Be

I haven’t written a blog post since February 2022 and before that I had only posted sporadically during the pandemic. I had so much that I wanted to write about, but during that time the world was extra sensitive. I wasn’t interested in posting something that meant a lot to me, but might upset readers.

Where I live, the majority of pandemic restrictions and mandates were lifted on March 01, 2022. It was a long 2 years, but I can’t complain too much. I hadn’t gotten sick during that time and I didn’t experience the economic hardship that so many people had to live through.

Now that we are almost back to “normal”, I’ve had enough time to reflect on the things that I cherished the most during those two years. It wasn’t difficult to decide: I cherished my home the most.

Home is where I spent over a year working when the government prevented us from being in the office. Home is where I felt safe, it was virus free. Home is where I could get away from all the turmoil that was happening in the world. Home is where I slept for 12-16 hours a day when I was hit with COVID19 in April 2022.

Once the pandemic mandates were lifted and we were once again permitted to go where ever we wanted I still enjoyed coming home. I also realized there were many things I hoped wouldn’t return to “normal”, number one being potlucks. There is nothing I dislike more than potlucks. But sure enough, we weren’t even 2 weeks into enjoying the lifted restrictions and people were already sending invites for potlucks.

Source: Inspirivity, “Home Sweet Home”

I had hoped that we would carry on checking in on people to make sure they are doing alright and asking “do you need anything” and following through with their request. I hoped that virtual meetings and working from home would still remain options for workers.

Now that pandemic mandates and restrictions have been lifted in most places, don’t let the lessons you’ve learned, the self-discovery, and any revelations you had during those two years be forgotten.

What did you learn about yourself during that time?
How did you handle isolation?
What are the activities you missed the most?
Who were the people you missed the most and the least?
Were there social habits that you wished wouldn’t return?
Did you learn new skills or discover new interests?

The pandemic is over, but you’re certainly don’t view or experience the world the same way you did 2 years ago.
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1