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The Blessing of: Motivation


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My One Word for 2014 is: Blessing


The Blessing of Motivation


noun \ˌmō-tə-ˈvā-shən\

1.: the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something : the act or process of motivating someone

2.: the condition of being eager to act or work : the condition of being motivated

3.: a force or influence that causes someone to do something

(Webster’s Dictionary)


The word motivation is used often, but I’m not really sure that too many people know what the word means. People use expressions like, “You lack motivation”, “You just need a little bit of motivation”, or they are less polite and say things like “You’re lazy”, “You’re useless”.

As a person with ADHD, I hear about motivation a lot because apparently people without ADHD think we have none thanks to issues with Executive Function. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, but I’ll save that topic for another day. ADHD looks different in everyone’s life, but I can honestly say motivation plays a huge role in my personal pursuits, but not in the workplace. In the workplace if something needs to get done, well… I just get it done. I may not be fueled by energy and excitement, but I get my work done.

I encounter too many people who think that motivational sayings and inspirations are only needed for people with struggles in achieving goals, depression, ADHD or laziness. Well, not so! I realized that the bulk of motivational quotes that I use come from uber successful people.

Words of strength and encouragement are not for the weak; they are for people who know that they will have challenges to face on a daily basis. Daily challenges might not be major and life threatening, but it’s not a smart idea to wait until something catastrophic happens. It’s for people who know that they have to get from one place to another with a positive and healthy outlook. Those who feed their mind motivational thoughts have something to remember and draw from when things become unstable. If you don’t have a habit of motivational thinking, when life becomes overwhelming for whatever reason, you end up falling apart with no words and memories of comfort to lift you up.

There might not always be another person to lift you up with words of truth, strength, and encouragement. People lead busy lives and waiting all day for your friends and family to finish work and be available to talk is a long period of time to be without uplifting words. I believe it is important for us to have our own memory bank filled with honest words to comfort and guide us.

I meditate on various motivational quotes and I am able to draw on them when I am about to do something challenging, new, fearful or sometimes when I am about to do something exciting and fun! However, I do caution people to be realistic with quotes, for example the popular quote that states, “You can become whatever you choose to do!”; well… unfortunately, no you can’t!

Motivational materials are a blessing because someone else has decided to share with others their successful mindset and skills. Others are passing along blessings of well wishes and assistance in order to help individuals become the best that they can be. All of these people could have been exclusive by sharing their wisdom with only close friends and loved ones, instead, they chose to go beyond their tightest circles.

I encourage you to receive the blessings of motivation by learning how others have made it to where they are at today.


-Do you have motivational sayings and words that you regularly meditate on?

-Do you depend exclusively on friends and family to bring you words of encouragement? How do you act and what do you start believing when there is no one around to uplift you?


Follow good counsel!
Follow good counsel!


-If you don’t already have a few motivational quotes and bible verses, try to find some. The internet is filled with motivational quotes websites. You can even take lines from novels or books that you’ve read and use them for motivation.

-If you already have quotes and verses, that’s great. Review them again and see if there are any other new or former material you might want to meditate on for any specific upcoming events (e.g. College, new job, decision making, new goals, etc.)

-Place the motivational quotes and scriptures in places where you will see them and repeat them: wall, fridge, bathroom mirror, on your smartphone, as a wall paper on your computer screen, on your daily to-do list, on your day planner/calendar.



The Blessing of: Bad Job Interviews

Job search


One Word 365

My One Word for 2014: Blessing

The Blessing of a failed Job Interview

Doing a job search can either bring gladness or sadness. There are a variety of reasons why people have to enter into a job search. For myself, this has been a time of searching for a job that will place me on a proper path to my chosen career. It hasn’t been easy, as I have an injury that continued to derail me from being able to find appropriate employment. I finally found some occupations that can accommodate my injury and not exasperate my symptoms.

What I’ve learned in preparing for this round of job searching, is that looking for a suitable job requires knowing a lot about yourself. You need to know about your likes/dislikes, your skills, interests, what you value in the workplace, and what you feel you area worth financially. Figuring this all out for myself required a lot of self-inventory and looking  at my employment history.

Being forced to find a new job or begin a new career path doesn’t always have to be an unpleasant process. The job search process is a great time to do some self-analysis and discover again or possibly for the first time what you want out of life and your career.

I had two jobs interviews this week for positions that I really wanted. I would have been happy to be offered either position. Getting either of these jobs were a long shot. Being contacted for an interview was a major surprise.

At the end of one of the interviews they offered me feedback. I wasn’t prepared for what they had said. They told me my interview was excellent, but my resume was really bad. This is not good news when you are interviewing for a career advisor position. I thanked them for their suggestions and let them know I agreed with them 100%. I had a bad resume. It was created for me by a resume writer who narrowed my resume from two pages to one. In doing so, there was a lot of vital information that was taken out.

I can’t help but consider this a blessing. Some people would have been crushed by this feedback, but I see it as a helpful incident. The critique I received will prevent me from sending out mediocre resumes. By opening ourselves to feedback from others we increase our chances for success in whatever it is that we are pursuing.

I believe that God places people onto our path to provide us with the information we need for staying on track with our goals. If we are receptive to the information and feedback that people give us, it will keep us moving in the right direction. Let’s be open to those whom we might only encounter once in our lifetime, their message is as valuable as if it had been received from a loved one.   

I don’t know where my job search is going to lead me, but I do know that when we don’t get a job that we want, it is not a loss, it is an opportunity to keep searching for a better employer-employee match.

Source: Catholic Online
Source: Catholic Online


The Blessing of Crazy Family Members: Jesus Style

cray-cray for J.C. :)
cray-cray for J.C. 🙂









My One Word for 2014: Blessing

a(1) :  strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties <e.g. maternal love for a child>

(Webster’s Dictionary, one of many definitions)

Biblical love is hard! Love often asks, “What’s in it for me?” This is not a result of being evil or a bad person; this is simply how it is because we are human and to love as Jesus did really does require some divine DNA.

When I read the gospels, I shake my head in amazement at knowing that Jesus still went to the cross for humankind simply because he loved us enough to offer himself up as a living sacrifice. Think about it. There was nothing for Jesus to gain personally by being a living sacrifice. Absolutely nothing. Jesus spent his short time on earth having to deal with bickering disciples who were more concerned about who was going to be first in this new concept of the afterlife. He still headed to the cross knowing fully well that his best friends would at one point desert him. He loved his family even though his cousin John was like, “Whoa, cuz, you are saying some strange things and acting really weird. This is not what our Pharisee family teaches and practices. Are you for real or are you just out of your mind?” (Matthew 11:2-6) and (Mark 2:18).

Jesus still loved his mother, brothers and sisters when they came to get their reportedly crazy family member (Mark 3: 31-35). They came to look after him, and Jesus made it clear to his audience, “You are all my family.” I’m sure this had to have left his siblings and mother hurt, confused, and worried. I wouldn’t doubt it if they thought, “Yeshua, are you rejecting us. We are your family. How can you refuse to come home with us and choose instead to stay with these strangers? We are your family. We love you and only want to take care of you.”

I look at the documented dynamics of Jesus’ family members and I realise that love asks questions. As a family we are going to ask questions, we are not likely to sit by in silence wondering what our whacky, lost, wandering, confused relatives are doing with their life. Having observed this, I also came to accept that there will be times when we have to be that crazy family member who follows their dreams, passions and divine calling. In order to love God there are going to be times when we are in disagreement with our families.

Jesus made it clear that he did not come to bring peace. There is no way that following God is going to bring peace within families. There is sometimes that tug of war between wanting to do what God has asked us to do verses what our family is asking us to do. I am a firm supporter of adult children choosing their own way of life over their families’ decisions. Are you an adult? Then that means making your own decisions using wisdom, knowledge, experience, and hopefully, a bit of common sense.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Jesus threw in the towel and listened to his cousin John by following the Pharisee traditions? What would have happened if Jesus left with his mother and sisters so they could tend to the care of his mental state? The story of a saviour who died and rose again out of love for the human race might not have ever been. Instead we would have the story of a crazy man who failed miserably at trying to shake up the religious establishment and as a result retreated to his parents’ home for the rest of his life.

Duck family values
Duck family values

All I can say is dear families, please be careful not to stand in the way of that family member who feels a divine calling to pursue a particular path in life or take on a task that God has anointed he/she to fulfill. Like Jesus’ family, you are likely intervening out of love for that person, however, that love becomes unhealthy when you become a barrier and a hindrance to someone fulfilling a calling. If you love God and you love that relative, then in the name of love, stand back and let that person be.

Love means trusting God’s work in the lives of those you care about even if you don’t understand the calling they’ve received. That calling is for them and not for you, so it is going to be alright if God hasn’t given you all the details and the vision.  Show your godly love by lifting up prayers for that person, assist that person with whatever tangible help they might need, and if you don’t desire to do either of these, then show your godly love by stepping out of God’s way and let Him do His work through your loved one.


1. Are you being a barrier to a loved one’s divine calling?

2. Have you ever had a Christian family member negatively intervene in your walk of faith?


1a. Prayerfully ask God to reveal to you if you have been or are currently a barrier to your loved one’s walk of faith? Ask God to reveal to you how you can step out of His way in order to support your family member?

2a. If this intervention is a source of emotional hurt in your life, ask God to open that family members’ eyes and heart; also ask God to continue to heal your emotional wound. Release that hurt to God for healing.



The Blessing of: Hydrating During Exercise

First world problem: Needing to be convinced to drink water?
First world problem: Needing to be convinced to drink water?


One Word 365 

My One Word for 2014: Blessing

Drink more water! Only in North America would we need to be told to drink more water. In other parts of the world people don’t need to be told to drink more water simply because they don’t have easy access to drinking water.

Sometimes it’s still a struggle for me to consume the recommended daily amount of water. It’s even worse when I exercise. Frankly I don’t want to lug water with me and second, I hate slowing down to drink it. All I want to do is finish my kilometer’s. I have first world problems and it’s ridiculous. Am I seriously complaining about having to drink clean water that is free and readily available to me at any time? Today I began to wonder what would happen if I no longer had access to water?

She lifts weights too. She also knows that water is life.
She lifts weights too. She also knows that water is life.

I remember when our side of the block did not have access to water for two days. The city provided a water truck for us so we could have access to drinking water 24-7. Each time I had to go outside and fill containers with water I felt seriously inconvenienced. The water truck was only two houses away from me. It’s not like I had to walk miles to a well, gather the water, then carry it back to my village and STILL have to boil it before drinking it. I’m such a water whiner I won’t drink water from an outdoor fountain, or even the fountain in a building. I just won’t. Instead, I will head over to the nearest McDonald’s and get some Dasani for $1.00 (yeah for dollar days) or buy the cheapest water I can find.

The most important benefit of water
The most important benefit of water

I’ve decided right now that I will make it my goal to develop a conscious habit of drinking water with gratefulness and appreciation. Each time I hit the trails to train I want to be thankful for these specific things:

-The trails and forestry that have beautified my otherwise very bland looking city

-The free and clean water that is effortlessly available to me (and every other Canadian)

-My health, for being able to walk a few miles with only minimal pain. I still can’t run, but walking is better than being in a wheelchair or confined to a bed.

My prayers are usually, Stage 1: “God, get me through this, I **%#$ hate exercising.”, Stage 2: “God, I *&$% hate this.” and Stage 3: “Thank God this is over, I am so tired, I just want to get home now.” Realising what I have been afforded in life, I want to seriously bless God each time I head out on the trails. Asking God to be with me on the path to health and wellness is so much more than asking Him to get me through activities that I don’t like. It’s more than asking God to make the tofu stir-fry taste like fried chicken.

Inviting God into our pursuits towards health and well-being needs to involve a mixture of “help me” and “thank you”. Help is not always going to be about your physical needs and thanks is not only for the personal things He has given you.

Source: Hallmark Cards
Source: Hallmark Cards

The Challenge:

During your outdoor activities or time at the gym engage in a time of Help and Thanks with God. Look around you and inside of you; see what you discover.

As an example these are mine,

  • Help Me Lord: to appreciate the privilege of having this water to hydrate myself while exercising.
  • Help Me Lord: not to get cranky about the smell coming from the Equine centre as I pass by.
  • Thank You Lord: for awakening me to how silly and ungrateful I can be sometimes. Thank you for the water.
  • Thank You Lord: for the beautiful horses that people get to enjoy right here in our city and for the beautiful scenery as I pass by.

May your week of physical fitness be blessed with a variety of Help and Thanks!