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Christmas and Advent

christmas gifts

Living in Canada means that the Kickoff to the retail Christmas starts November 01. The Christmas stock slowly starts to creep into stores beginning at the end of August, yes August. Halloween is now reduced to one small section of most stores as merchandisers by then, have already started installing the Christmas section.

Unlike our neighbours below, we don’t have a major holiday a month before Christmas, and to fill this void retailers start pushing Christmas real early. Americans at least have Thanksgiving, their biggest holiday of the year, to help make the segue to Christmas a lot smoother and shorter.

So, while we up here in Canada await Christmas, I thought I would share some links to Christmas Gift Catalogues. I love looking through these catalogues and then finding and purchasing items that will provide a gift year round that will make a major difference in the life of its recipients.

Feel free to have fun browsing through some of the listed catalogues and find items that you, your church, co-workers, or family would love to gift a community with.  Happy Shopping!


If you see gifts that are higher priced or out of your range of affordability, you can gather a group of people or your family unit and collectively purchase a group gift. The gifts in these catalogues are truly a gift of life and survival.

God Bless America!

World Vision USA

My Personal Favourites: A Donkey, $322. If you get 10 women from your church to donate $32 each, that would cover the entire cost; Business Loan for AIDS Affected Women, $100.

Samaritan’s Purse USA

Compassion International

My Personal Favourites: Birth Attendant $100; Baby Medical Care for 1 year $55.

FH: Food for the Hungry

My Personal Favourites: Food tree seedlings, $20; Water Purification Facility for a community, $20.

Feed the Children

My Personal Favourites: Backpack and School Supplies for 1 American child $20; A chicken $14.


Oh Canada!

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

My Personal Favourites: A Wood Conserving Stove, $75; Five Chickens, $50; and Supply A Maternal Health Clinic, $150.

World Vision Canada

This was the most difficult catalogue to go through, so many wonderful, necessary, and beautiful gifts to choose from! You’ll have fun looking through this catalogue.

My Personal Favourites: Pre-natal and Post-natal care for a baby and mother, $100; A Wood Conserving Stove, $50; and Supply A Classroom, $50.

Samaritan’s Purse Canada

My Personal Favourites: Baby Chicks $14; Help a Farmer $55.

Feed the Hungry

My Personal Favourites: This was a difficult catalogue to choose from, they have so many great gifts that I would love to give, including poop. Yes, poop! That’s a $20 donation for fertilizer to grow organic foods.

My Personal Favourite: A Sturdy Goat $75.00; Wheelchairs $25.

Compassion Canada

My Personal Favourites: Safety equipment $14; Rain Water Harvesting System $100.


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