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The Blessing of: Bad Job Interviews

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My One Word for 2014: Blessing

The Blessing of a failed Job Interview

Doing a job search can either bring gladness or sadness. There are a variety of reasons why people have to enter into a job search. For myself, this has been a time of searching for a job that will place me on a proper path to my chosen career. It hasn’t been easy, as I have an injury that continued to derail me from being able to find appropriate employment. I finally found some occupations that can accommodate my injury and not exasperate my symptoms.

What I’ve learned in preparing for this round of job searching, is that looking for a suitable job requires knowing a lot about yourself. You need to know about your likes/dislikes, your skills, interests, what you value in the workplace, and what you feel you area worth financially. Figuring this all out for myself required a lot of self-inventory and looking  at my employment history.

Being forced to find a new job or begin a new career path doesn’t always have to be an unpleasant process. The job search process is a great time to do some self-analysis and discover again or possibly for the first time what you want out of life and your career.

I had two jobs interviews this week for positions that I really wanted. I would have been happy to be offered either position. Getting either of these jobs were a long shot. Being contacted for an interview was a major surprise.

At the end of one of the interviews they offered me feedback. I wasn’t prepared for what they had said. They told me my interview was excellent, but my resume was really bad. This is not good news when you are interviewing for a career advisor position. I thanked them for their suggestions and let them know I agreed with them 100%. I had a bad resume. It was created for me by a resume writer who narrowed my resume from two pages to one. In doing so, there was a lot of vital information that was taken out.

I can’t help but consider this a blessing. Some people would have been crushed by this feedback, but I see it as a helpful incident. The critique I received will prevent me from sending out mediocre resumes. By opening ourselves to feedback from others we increase our chances for success in whatever it is that we are pursuing.

I believe that God places people onto our path to provide us with the information we need for staying on track with our goals. If we are receptive to the information and feedback that people give us, it will keep us moving in the right direction. Let’s be open to those whom we might only encounter once in our lifetime, their message is as valuable as if it had been received from a loved one.   

I don’t know where my job search is going to lead me, but I do know that when we don’t get a job that we want, it is not a loss, it is an opportunity to keep searching for a better employer-employee match.

Source: Catholic Online
Source: Catholic Online


The Blessing of Mindfulness


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The Blessing of Mindfulness (One Word 2014)


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment and having an awareness of experiences as they happen.

Mindfulness Now

It’s the second week of Lent and yes, I’ve forgotten or messed up a few times, but I can say at this point I’m learning a lot. I don’t want to call it sin, but I don’t feel guilty during the times I’ve messed up so far. I feel a sense of peace and I know that Lent is a time when I feel especially safe, where my slip-ups are opportunities to “Fail Forward” and draw closer to God.

For me there is no quitting during Lent, if I “mess up” well… I still have “X” numbers of days left and I must keep going. I wish I could extend this outlook to the rest of my thoughts during the year; it’s something I am still working on. Failing Forward is not only one of my favourite John Maxwell books; it is also a growing way of life for me. I’m learning that God doesn’t quit on us and therefore, I am not to quit. Paul gave the best metaphor for our faith, that of an Olympic long distance runner. Does a long distance runner quit because he has fallen 40 minutes into his run? No. Once he realises what has happened, he spits the dirt out of his mouth, shakes the dirt n’ blood off his knees and arms, gets up and resumes running. A well trained runner would never think of bowing out of a foot race because he slipped and fell.  He knows he has invested too much time, heart, and discipline to give up because of a setback.

Mindfulness is a blessing because it teaches us to be present in our life. Through this type of practice I can focus on Jesus’ instructions and Paul’s teachings that tell me I am not to be anxious about anything:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7 

Mindfulness brings the peace of God into your life. When you are not in the present moment it is difficult to be at peace when your mind is filled with past memories and an anxious future. God is not focused on the past or the future like His human creations are; He is in the here and now.

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Are you maintaining a state of mindfulness or do you find yourself habitually wondering back to the past or jumping ahead to the future?


When you find your emotions pulling you away from the present moment try saying a quick, one sentence word of prayer or blessing to God. For example repeating, “Lord, help me to see this person as you see him/her.” It can also be a short bible verse that brings you comfort, joy, peace, or strength. As you repeat these, remember to stay in the moment, no praying about the past or the future, it’s about staying in the moment with a sense of calm and peace.

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