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The Blessing of: No Need To Ask, Just Pray!

Holy Temple


The Blessing of: No Need To Ask, Just Pray!

One Word 365

Word: Blessing

Why do we sometimes pray (ask) for what we already have? Why do we ask God to do things that He has clearly instructed us is our own responsibility to do?



Within the context of health and fitness, I can’t help but notice that many times people are asking God to answer prayers that are our responsibility to take care of and not His; such as:

  • Weight Loss
  • Controllable diabetes
  • Certain eating disorders
  • Lack of motivation to exercise
  • Making healthy eating choices
  • Smoking cessation

The above are prayer request topics that we can take control of in our life. When we bring these concerns to God, it’s not to ask Him to make these changes. God has already given us the power, strength, and courage to conquer our personal weaknesses.

Romans 8: 5-6

5. Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. 6. The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;

I’ve used this verse and applied it to sinful habits as it relates to our poor choices regarding our health. Our sinful nature and our minds decide whether or not we will overcome these types of health issues that we are asking God to remove from our lives. God won’t make us go to the gym; He won’t force us to eat less processed foods; He won’t rip that cigarette from our mouths. In every area of our life, God gives us freedom of choice. God doesn’t create obedient robots; He knows that He is dealing with human hearts and minds. God sends His Holy Spirit to continually guide us, but we have to make the decision to listen and say yes to all that is necessary for living a healthy lifestyle.

God doesn’t leave us to struggle with our sins and lack of self-discipline on our own, He is always there with and for us. Instead of a traditional prayer of asking God to do what He has left for us to do, how about communicating with God. Talk to Him, tell Him how you are feeling; share with Him your struggles and any weaknesses you faced throughout the day.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19. Or do you not know that your body is a temple[a] of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God, and that you are not your own? 20. For you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body.

Your body is the temple of God.

Be careful where it goes.

Be careful what it does.

Be careful what it ponders.

Be careful how it reacts.” (by Matt Slick)

I’ll take this further by adding: Be careful what you feed it.

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Are there things that you continuously ask God to do that you should be doing yourself?

Do you sometimes feel as if God hasn’t answered “yes” to one of your prayers even though you know the request could easily be answered if you did as the Lord has already asked of you?


Try this for a week:  Communicate (pray) with God about health and fitness struggles that you have. Ask Him to reveal any areas in your life that are hindering you from committing your body and mind to being a temple (sanctuary) where His Spirit dwells.  Commit to doing the work that is required to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Part 2. Find verses and quotes that offer you encouragement and strength. Post them where you can see them, or memorize them. Use these verses in your battle against unhealthy habits, knowing and remembering that God has already given you everything you need to overcome destructive habits.

I am a Sugar Monster

Sugar-Addiction CycleSugar Cocaine


I’m a Sugar Monster

If sugar were illegal I’d be sentenced to life in prison. I wish I could say that I actually love sugar, but I don’t. In reality I’ve finally accepted that I’m addicted to this stuff. I can’t think of a day when I’ve intentionally gone without some source of manmade sugar.

Sugary products are the first thing I consume when I wake up and the last thing in my mouth before I head to bed. There was a time when I was eating at least one bag of jelly beans or gummy bears per day.  I went so far as to have a bag on my nightstand; I’d wake up in the middle of the night and without fail I’d roll over, grab a handful of candy and go back to sleep.

I began working as an Addictions Worker part-time and was continuously amazed at the grip addictions had over the lives of those with substance abuse problems. I had to admit that my inability to go without my daily sugar fix was no different than those who drank alcohol and consumed illegal drugs every day. I was just as much of an addict as they were, the only difference is that my addiction is legal and there’s isn’t. I caution Christians; don’t allow the plank in your eye to blind you from seeing any addictions or dependencies of your own.

Judging at the gym

I once tried a sugar detox program; however, I only lasted three days. Irritability, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue set in. I’m a sugar monster who can only be tamed with sugar. As I started this weight loss and fitness journey I realized that I must surrender my love of man made sweets to God. Anything in our lives that is an addiction places a barrier between our self and God. He wants nothing on this earth to have control over our life. Even healthy habits can become an obsession and an addiction.

Ask Seek Knock

Our quest to be physically fit and eat healthy is a godly pursuit, but we are human and there is always the risk that our endeavours can become spiritually unhealthy. Do you skip church to go for Sunday morning runs, do you spend more time at the gym than you do with your spouse, friends or family; do you think about food and calories all day long? These are only small examples of ways our healthy pursuits can become problems.

If your physical fitness is a means for feeding an aching spirit, turn to God. Jesus tells us that our Father is there for us.

Ask Him: if we ask, He will give us an answer as to why we are hurting.

Seek Him: God always knows where we are, He never loses sight of us. We are the ones who have to seek Him. We’ve been seeking other worthy, yet mundane pursuits, when instead; we should have been seeking God to heal our hurts.

Knock: You know where He is, let Him know that you’re there (knocking). He will always invite you in; He will never close the door on you. The opened door is God saying, “Come on in! Have a seat and let’s talk.”

Jeremiah 33:1-3, 6-8
Jeremiah 33:1-3, 6-8
Jpg Credit: ephesianswife.blogspot.ca



We certainly don’t have to give up our healthy goals and habits, but be sure to do some self-reflection and consider if or how your health and fitness beliefs are affecting your Christian walk. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Do I believe that I will not be beautiful/good looking until I meet my goal weight/increase muscle mass?
  • Am I constantly thinking about my fitness and diet regime?
  • Is my diet so restrictive that it interferes with my social life and causes tension in my family household?
  • Do I judge others who don’t follow the same dietary plan as myself (e.g. Paleo, Raw Food, Vegetarian, Meat Lover, Gluten Free, etc.)?
  • Do I believe that losing weight will solve all my problems?
  • Do I use exercise (Running, cycling, strength training) as a way to forget about and avoid problems? How can these activities be used as an aide to healing rather than an avoidance or hindrance to healing?

Application 2:

Sit in silence for 1 minute or more and let God’s Spirit open your mind to receiving his revelation. The answer might not come to you today, but continue to Ask, Seek, and Knock and God will fulfill his promise to produce healing in your life.