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Christians Don’t Have “Cheat Days”.

Junk Food Cheat Meal

Cheat: (as an intransitive verb)

1a :  to practice fraud or trickery

1b :  to violate rules dishonestly

2:  to be sexually unfaithful

(Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary)




Cheat meal seems to be a commonly used phrase in the world of dieting and weight loss. I go out to eat and I see people saying they are having a “cheat meal” as they proceed to order something unhealthy or highly processed from the menu. For the past several months I’ve been wondering why Christians are comfortable with the term “cheat meal”; since when is it acceptable for Christians to schedule or make time for cheating. I don’t use the term “cheat meal”, instead I say “treat meal”. When you say that you are cheating during a meal or worse, having a day of cheating; who exactly are you tricking or whose rules are you violating dishonestly?

Eph 4 29
Healthy Talk








For myself, I’m not yet at the stage where I can claim something to be a treat meal. If I eat chips, cookies, or drink pop it means that somewhere during the day I had given into food temptation. People who are well disciplined with their healthy eating lifestyle are those who have actual treat meals. The occasional unhealthy meal or snack is not going to harm a person, but when these treats become a regular part of your eating plan, they are no longer treats. If unhealthy foods are a regular part of your eating plan, I would ask why you need to refer to it as a treat.

My main concern isn’t about what people are eating for cheat or treat meals; my focus is on the terms that we use when we know that we’ve given into temptation. Cheat, bad, mistake, fail, slip, etc. Words like these are terms used to describe a feeling of defeat. As believers we need to feed our minds words of strength and encouragement. Our journey of healthy living produces resiliency over time when we learn not to label ourselves with self-defeating words.

The self-hate meal
Pretty much










Everyone who struggles with eating well has at least one food item that is a problem. These are the foods where once you start eating them, you feel as if you can’t stop. Once the food item is gone you end up being more vulnerable to overindulging again. I do my best not to bring pop into the house and second on my list is cookies. For others they will have a different list of foods that they need to abstain from.


Dear fellow believers, we are not cheaters; let’s stop using that word.

My hope is that we can find a more positive term to use, one that is not self- defeating. I have become more comfortable with the following two terms: treat meal and break meal (meaning a break from your usual eating choices). Regardless of what you choose to call these times of indulgence, what you feed your body and how much of it still matters.

For further reading, linked below is a great article about cheat meals from Nia Shanks of Lift Like A Girl. http://www.niashanks.com/the-dark-side-of-cheat-days/

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Guess which one I'm not!
Guess which one I’m not!

I’ve been exercising to lose weight while trying not to aggravate a knee injury and an injury to my right arm. This has been a frustrating process for me because I’ve made patience my life long enemy. I’m one of those persons who wants to lose all 105 pounds NOW! I’ve lost the weight before (98 pounds) and I didn’t hesitate to beat my body up in order to do so. This time around I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I wanted to treat my body as the gift that God has given me. I wanted to take care of myself and the only way to do so was by including God in my health and wellness plan.

This past week I got that itch, the one where I get anxious and I no longer want to be slow and steady. Who wants to be a tortoise when you can be a cheetah? Determined, I added more training days, increased my speed and tackled those steep hills. Bad idea. Two days later my knee pain had gotten progressively worse. Every step was painful, especially going down the stairs. I was no dashing cheetah, I was more like road kill.

As I laid around with my iced knee I realised that my spiritual transformation has been much like my physical training habits. I become frustrated and anxious about the slow and steady pace of change. It’s as if I am in a hurry to get to where I think I need to be, but God continuously reminds me through my injuries that healthy transformation is never a fast process. Instant change is never long lasting and only leads to being hurt further down the road.

God isn’t rushing us in our transformation, so why do we hurry ourselves and others. Why do we have this false belief that authentic change is rapid?

God is patient!
God is patient!

God isn’t slow, He is continuously working on us and with us. He clearly sees the changes that take place daily, the one’s that we often count as insignificant. He doesn’t want His children rushing the process only to see us falter and quit later on, battered, bruised, and living with a nagging emotional injury for the rest of our lives. I realised, slow process is God’s way of protecting us from the problems that come with too-much-too-fast.


“If I have not the patience of my Saviour with the souls who grow slowly; if I know little of travail (a sharp and painful thing) till Christ be fully formed in them, then I know nothing of Calvary love.”  ~ Amy Carmichael

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them– every day begin the task anew.”  ~ Francis de Sales
Trust in the LORD. God is not static, He is always moving forward and so are we even when we falter.

I injured myself because I couldn’t be grateful enough for the accomplishments I had achieved so far.  Let’s not be a hindrance to our physical transformation by trying to bypass the slow and steady progress required for achieving our goals.


R U a winner?
R U a winner?

Are you a fitness pharisee ?


food judgement  Bread is the devil

Did you know that we have pharisees in the fitness world? Yes, indeed we do! In the literal sense of the word, pharisee means separate or separated from. Who were the Pharisees as portrayed in the Synoptic Gospels? Well, they are written as a group who were obsessed with man-made rules, especially rules about what they considered to be pure and impure. These groups believed that their views and their way was right and everyone else was wrong. They looked down on others who didn’t practice and meet their moral standards. Their leaders were the most vocal in the community and whether or not you agreed with them or cared to follow their ways, they still let you know what they believed and why you should be living life according their methods.

The pharisees of health and fitness are those who I refer to as food purist bullies also known as the food police. Are you a food bully? Not sure, well my handy and unscientific questionnaire will help decide that for you.

paleo unhappy

Do you think you’re a caveman/cavewoman and eat like one? Well, that’s all good and healthy, but the real question is do you insist that your eating lifestyle is the only correct method? Do you stare down friends, co-workers and family as they place a piece of non-caveman approved food in their mouth? Do you proceed to tell them how unhealthy their food is and as a result, emotionally ruin the meal for everyone else?

Do you insist on informing everyone you encounter that eating anything other fruit, vegetables and nuts is detrimental to your health? Do you become uneasy when you enter someone’s kitchen and see them cooking food? Do you suddenly find yourself telling them to turn off the burner as you preach to them the reasons why their boiled peas are now useless?


Do you go around telling everyone that you don’t eat carbs? That you are somehow miraculously able to stand up straight, let alone lift weights without having consumed any carbs what-so-ever? Do you have a bad habit of telling everyone at the lunch table how many carbs are in everything they are about to eat? Do you have carb envy, you know, that look that you get when you see a well-toned and fit person happily eating carbs while talking about their latest half-marathon stats? You don’t know what look I’m talking about; well, those of us who consume carbs are well aware of that look 🙂

I could give many more examples of fitness pharisees; just because you didn’t make the list of examples in this blog post, you still know who you are! LOL!

health nut


Are you a fitness pharisee? Let us not take our health pursuits to the extreme level that New Testament Pharisees took with religion. We are not here to create rules about health that make taking care of ourselves become a soulless, spiritually void list of value-based duties. If you’ve found a method which works for you, then great, stick to it, but at the risk of being a stumbling block and discouragement for others; don’t insist that your healthy way is better than someone else’s  healthy lifestyle.


The wholistic goal of health and wellness is to take care of what God has created. We are God’s creation and He expects us to take care of ourselves. Body, Mind and Spirit is what we are made of. God does not want us to be a hindrance to our self or others with rules that He never created.


If you have a difficult time respecting the health and wellness choices of other healthy people (whether in your thoughts or in your actions), pray and ask God to give you a heart of peace. Pray for protection against a spirit of judgement and superiority.

Each time you feel compelled to correct or ridicule someone else’s healthy plan, please, STOP! Simply put your lifestyle approved food in your mouth and keep eating! Bon Appetit!


Count Your Fitness Blessings

One Word 2014: Blessing 


We’re one month into the New Year and I’m excited to say I haven’t broken any resolutions yet, and that’s because I didn’t make any! This year the One Word option is something I welcome into my life. If you’d like to learn more about One Word, you can select the One Word 2014 tab near the top left of this blog and learn all about it and why the word Blessing is my guiding word for this entire year.

When it comes to health and fitness I can be quite the downer. I don’t recall ever waking up and thinking, “Yeah, I get to go to the gym and sweat on a machine!” or “Yeah, my aching legs and butt still hurt two days after my lower body workout!” I give thanks to God, but I certainly don’t get all excited about going to work out or HAVING TO lose weight. At times this healthy living journey feels like punishment. In my mind I tell myself I am being punished for having eaten way too many processed foods and not exercising enough.


Jpg Source: Fitsugar
Jpg Source: Fitsugar

This is what I told myself yesterday. Negative thinking has never helped anyone lose weight and keep it off. Negativity is not healthy. My word is Blessing, so… what blessings can I find, give thanks for and share with you as encouragement (for those who need that extra spiritual motivation). I give thanks to God that it didn’t take me long to count my weight loss and fitness blessings.

Health Blessings:

I’m alive: Seems silly, but I have to give thanks for this. I’m alive and it can’t get any better than this.

I don’t have terminal illness: Terminal illness isn’t necessarily related to poor health choices, and this is all the more reason to give thanks that death is not at my door. There are many people lying in hospital wishing they could trade places with me right now. I am fairly healthy and I have to give thanks for this.

I can afford fitness equipment and a subsidised gym membership: I don’t have an at home gym, but I have some basics like kettle bells, medicine balls, foam rollers, bands,lots of DVD’s, and yoga mats to name a few. I am fortunate to live in a city where the municipal government subsidises fitness memberships for those with low incomes. For those with limited funds to spare the YMCA also assists individuals and families with the cost of memberships. I am blessed because I have no excuse for not obtaining a gym membership.

I have a choice: Having a choice to decide if I want to commit to being healthy is a major blessing that I think we take for granted here in North America. We have so much food in this country that I get to make a choice between eating healthy or reaching for the not-so-good-for-you temptations. We’ve all seen those sad commercials with hungry people who need our less than dollar a day. I wondered, “If I have a choice, why is it so difficult to make the healthiest decisions”.


No, I’m not doing either. What I’m doing is counting my blessings and I’m sparing you all the details by telling you that I would have to write a lot more pages if I were to list for you all the blessings given to me by God as it relates to my health journey.


We’re a month into 2014 (and two days if you are celebrating Lunar New Year). I encourage you to take stock of the many health and fitness blessings that have been made available to you. I sometimes think that if we knew how blessed we were in our quest for health we would be more diligent in taking care of ourselves. We would no longer see our journey as tiring, boring, punishing, a duty, a hassle or any other negative emotion. Most importantly, we would bless the Lord for blessing us with whatever health we’ve been given.

So, go ahead, count your fitness blessings all week long! I’m excited for you to see the awesomeness of God as He inserts Himself into your goals for health and wellness.

1000 blessings